"Nikdy neberu svoje slová spět.To je moje cesta životem."
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PS.:Sou zařeni podle toho jak na nich sem často.

Test:tvůj styl v Naruto(pravda nebo odvaha)?

31. července 2008 v 3:41 | Nikola Ryšková |  Testy

Tak že mě vyšla Gaarova odvaha ty jo.To sem nevěděla že su odvážná jako on.


result image
"Dare I think." You said. "I dare you to kiss Gaara" Naruto said with a large grin on his face "I have two things to say, one: Gaara isn't here and two: You want me dead or something!!!" Naruto's smile only grew bigger as he told you that you didn't have much of a choice. "It's that or you have to strip naked in front of us" After telling you this Kiba started grinning too and Shikamaru used his Kage Mane no Jutsu. "Alright, Alright I'll kiss Gaara just let me keep my clothes on." You said after which you saw that Naruto and Kiba were pouting. You were walking towards the hotel were Gaara was staying, praying he wouldn't kill you. Shikamaru was following you from a distance to make sure you would actually do it. Once in front of his room you knocked on the door and he opened up. "Okay don't take this personal" You said after which you gave him a small kiss on his lips. Temari and Kankuro who were inside Gaara's room looked at you like you had gone insane. You quickly turned around and wanted to run away but Gaara grabbed your wrist preventing you from running away. Shikamaru quickly came from behind the corner, ready to use his Kage Mane no Jutsu on Gaara so you could run away. But Gaara didn't attempt to kill you he just pulled you close and gave you a really long passionate kiss. "If you are dared to kiss me at least give a kiss that's worth the trouble." He whispered in your ear before turning around and walking back inside his room. You just stood there with your mouth open in shock. Before he closed the door he gave you a little smile which brought you back to reality and you quickly ran back to Naruto's house.

Clikni tu pokud si chcete taky udělat ZDE


Buď první, kdo ohodnotí tento článek.


1 gabula18 gabula18 | E-mail | 5. ledna 2009 v 17:16 | Reagovat

kiba ach jaj

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