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Test:Naruto Shippuuden 7 minut v nebesích!Nejlepší výsledek

31. července 2008 v 3:42 | Nikola Ryšková |  Testy

Tyjo já sem dostala Naruta wau!!!

(Tys dostal/a Naruta Uzumaki)můj překlad

You got Naruto Uzumaki

result image
You moved to Konoha three month ago. You were very nervous because you didn't know anybody. You were always good at the ninja academy and you always were very popular. You didn't want to give this up but your parents told you that you'll find new friends very soon. You are the type of girl that always had and always will have friends but you never were the new kid and that makes you totally nervous. When you arrived at your new home (it was a huge villa right in the centre of Konoha) you just wanted to run away. Back home! Your family started to arrange your new home. You didn't see your room at that point coz you didn't go with your parents when they choose this house so you decided to go into your room and arrange it, too. 'This must be the biggest room in this f***ing house' you thought when you saw your room. It was amazingly big and there was a huge window on the north of the room. It was as long as the limousine that you came with and the limousine was very, very big! You looked out of your window and saw a boy…and he just wears his pants! You screamed out loud and he turned around. When he saw you ran into his house and you were totally shocked. Later after … umm… 3 days or something you met Ino and you became best friends. You and Ino made everything together and you also met Sakura and Tenten and Kiba and Hinata. All became your friends. Now Ino is having a party and you are invited. You wear a red dress (a bit short!) and you're still waiting for Hinata. You want to go together to the party. When she finally come you two walk to Inos place. On the party Ino says that you all will play seven minutes in heaven. 'Oh…I can try but I don't know these guys. Maybe I'll get Kiba and then we can talk in the closet or something…' you think. Ino starts and get Sai XD. When she comes out it's your turn:
You pull out a letter with the number 4 on it. "I have number 4!" you yell and walk into the closet. You don't know these guys so it's not really important to know who you get. You sit lean against a wall and wait for whoever you got. After a minute the door opens and a blond guy walks in. You aren't able to see his face because he closes the door very fast. "So, who are you?" You ask. "Umm…I'm Naruto…I don't know you. Where are you from?" he asks. "Oh I moved to Konoha three months ago and now I live in a villa right in the centre of Konoha. And you?" you respond and ask. "I live in the centre, too. I can tell you a very funny story. A while ago I stood my balcony just in my underwear and against my house there's a house too and there stood a girl and screamed out loud when she saw my." He laughs. 'OMG! It was HIM! I saw this guy in underwear and he tells me this story? Is he stupid or something? But in a weird way it's cute too.' you think. "You know…I was this girl." You say. "What?" he shouts. "Yeah it was me but I liked to see you in underwear!" you say and move closer to him. "But why did you scream then?" he asks. "I was surprised!" you say and now you kiss him. He immediately blushes a deep deep dark but then he kisses back. It was a very shy kiss and after 2 minutes you break the kiss. (You need air! I mean you're only a human!) The door opens and the other guys tries to see what you did but they saw nothing so Ino yells "Oh how boring___! I thought you'd kiss him death." You two walk out of the closet and after the party Naruto asks you if you want to go out with him and of course you say YES!!!
Hope you liked it and don't forget to rate this. XD Watch my other stuff! It's pretty good!

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